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Dubai is a place where people come to experience the lavish lifestyle and luxury. There was a time when this city was a tiny desert town, now the hard work and dedication of people have shown to the world that what vision of people and leaders can do to a city. People in this city love to buy luxury, Therefore these luxurious villas like Dubai Creek villas and District One Villas Dubai are built.

If you are living in Dubai then you will want to explore the city. You have to buy or rent out a car to travel around the city. The majority of short visit tourists don’t bother renting a car rather they just use taxis and metro, but the expatriate residents prefer to buy, lease, or rent a car.

Here are some common mistakes you should be aware of while driving in Dubai


The roads of Dubai, even of the whole middle east, are great and smooth. you would love to drive on these smooth plane roads. The cars in this city are mostly luxury, therefore, the city can not afford to have bumpy roads.

There are some roads with really heavy traffic, like the highways that connect Dubai with northern emirates of Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Abu Dhabi, and also Ras Al Khaimah. Sometimes these highways and Sheikh Zayed roads get jam-packed, though the roads have eight lanes, the roads are so jammed that you have to move at snail pace.

Try to avoid these link roads of E311 and E611 between 6:30 AM to 9 AM on Thursdays especially, and the same times apply for the Sheikh Zayed road.


The speed limit of the highways is 120 km/h but you will witness many vehicles including some bigger ones travelling at a much higher speed than this.

The fast lane is kind of a personal race track for the locals of Dubai. You cannot be relaxed about driving at the legal limit of speed, one might be driving way too faster than the legal limit of speed.

You are lucky if someone flashes the light as a warning or else a supercar or SUV is going to take over your car without any warning.


This is a basic driving rule, that you should use your side mirrors rather than taking your eyes off the road, especially when there is bumper to bumper traffic.

The worst situation happens when the traffic is moving real slow, and the driver gets distracted by other stuff going around.


You have to be focused while driving, as there are situations when the driver is mostly paying attention to the rear endings of the car and the accident happens. The cars in Dubai are luxury and you need to keep a distance. A single scratch can cost you a lot of money. You should keep yourself alert, and get used to driving with your eyes on front and rear ends of the car.


You have to watch out for the weather conditions and make adjustments according to it. The months of December and January have the highest probability of rain.

What happens, as the result of these rains are; roads get slippery and greasy, and not only you have to be aware of that but also the other drivers who are careless and maybe lead you to an accident.

It is possible that you would be driving fine but due to some other driver’s negligence, you have to paddle your brakes hard. The driver will be fined later, but you don’t have to express out your anger by giving in to the road-rage. It is a natural phenomenon in the drivers, they outburst their rage or use some strong language if caught in an accident. If you are found outbursting your vocals, you will be fined for misbehaving.

Dubai is one of the seven emirates of UAE. People from all over the world wants to visit this city after listening so much about it. You may want to live in luxury societies like Port De La Mer Dubai, Emirates Hills, and Downtown City. If you are planning to migrate to this city, then you may lease out or buy a car there, driving in Dubai is a bit tricky, as people there love to drive fast. You should know some rules and mistakes to avoid while you start driving there.